May I have an “L,” Vanna?

“It was an honest mistake.”—Don Dimoff, marketing and communications manager for the school district.

 “It’s been a rough few days. Unfortunately, these are the few things that get you on the map, we’re doing a lot of good things with our sponsorship program and now all anyone will remember is this.”

It does happen. One seasoned journalist friend of mine said that while working at a small paper there had been a similar typo made by someone else at his paper. His boss therefore was on everyone’s back to be extra careful. He was trying to be hyper vigilant and did a search and replace of the whole document … and in the process changed every “public” to “pubic.” It was printed that way, and there were a lot of them, he said…

have to admit I have glimmers of hope when I see people owning up to their mistakes, not blaming others, and, while acknowledging that these things happen–and of course they do–promising to do better in the future. On the other hand, I often feel that often, at too many companies, too few people are on hand to catch things. Don’t get me started on newspapers laying off copy editors…

“Of all the missed letters, it had to be that one,” Dimoff said. “The poor sign company feels horrible because they missed it. The people who hung the sign feel horrible because they missed it. I feel horrible. I’ve been losing sleep and haven’t eaten in two days trying to deal with this.
“I can’t tell you how many people told me that they had to look at the sign several times to see the mistake. Dozens of people had to look at it three, four, five times. I’m sure that’s how it got overlooked. We’ll make sure we do a much better job in oversight and continue to do the good things that we’re trying to do in the district.”





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