A typo a day?

A lady was handing out flyers on the sidewalk on my way to work. I don’t need ads, but once in a while they are actually for something I can use and I often just take them because I feel sorry for the suckers having to work in such a thankless position.

As always, my eye went right to the typo. It’s a good price for a haircut, and a misplaced apostrophe would not be reason enough for me to pass up a deal  (although it isn’t clear whether they’d cut women’s hair—there are no women in the pictures and the general rule of thumb is to charge more for women regardless of style. I have short hair and I’ve argued over this many times. I digress).

It got me thinking. I see a lot of typos all over, but could I actually find a typo every day on/in a professionally printed sign, advertising flyer or other printed material? I would not include hand-written restaurant menus and the like because, although I think proper spelling is important, I’m not going to lambaste some waiter or busboy who got recruited to chalk the daily specials on the board. (I might mock particularly funny typos, however…not going to promise anything here).

I get distracted very easily and taking on a new “goal” might not be the smartest thing right now, especially if it’s for no other reason than to amuse myself and/or find material for my blog. Still, finding material for my blog isn’t the worst goal in the world, either. I think I’ll leave it at this: If I find them, I’ll take a pic.





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