Off for vacation

My husband Paul & I are heading off today for a much-needed vacation. We are going to be away for two weeks and so I’m putting the “Find-a-typo-a-day” challenge on hiatus. I have two more ready to post  and will do so if there is time. The car service is picking us up at 2:15. I’ll have my laptop, so I’ll blog when there is time.

I can’t remember when I’ve ever had a two-week vacation. I’m thinking it must have happened at some point in my working life, but … it’s possible it didn’t. I’ve had a sorry history of working for companies who, while they give you two weeks or more vacation after you’ve been there a while, make it pretty clear that taking those two weeks right in a row would be frowned upon; it may create a hardship for the company.

So while it’s nice to have that benefit, in reality taking two weeks’ vacation can be a hard sell. In my current situation, I started a temp job over a year ago, with the idea that it would be for a few months–until the end of 2011. Luckily, the company kept getting more work and they kept me on, month after month. At one point in the early part of 2012, Paul and I started discussing some long weekend trips we wanted to take, plus the trip to Europe. We decided we could swing it, financially, and Paul was able to get time off from his job (he says he’s never taken two weeks in a row, either, and he’s been at his company close to 25 years).

I asked my company how long they expected to keep me on. They weren’t sure. I never really expected to still be here, a year later. But I made the vacation arrangements and let my supervisors know. I had a feeling they didn’t want me to go because it took several tries before they acknowledged my plans and gave their OK. It’s not a vacation they have to pay me for–I’m taking off work and simply not getting paid. I will miss the money,  but I really need this time away.

I do have some freelance projects and it won’t be a completely work-free time away. I don’t feel right now that I can say no to jobs. I’m still making at least a third less than I made at my last permanent gig.



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