Storm is coming–no work Monday!

As I wrote in my last post, we returned from vacation late on Friday, giving ourselves two days to get settled in, get some rest and prepare ourselves for the return to work on Monday. Saturday morning, we drove into the city to pick up our kitty–my friend Jim had been watching him.
Pip was not happy having to get shoved back into his carrier for the drive back to Queens. (He was flipping me the bird just before I snapped this photo).

I did start doing a little work on Saturday, as I have some projects due (I had to do a little work on vacation, too, but I was OK with that–the vacation was very much needed but so was the editing work; I couldn’t pass it up).

Now, it seems I’ll have one more day off. Hurricane Sandy is on her way to New Jersey and New York, and the whole region is preparing. The MTA is shutting down subways starting at 7 tonight, at the same time that the MetroNorth and Long Island RR will start their last train runs. Bus service will be stopping at 9 pm.

I checked in with my boss, offered to work from home if needed (if that’s even possible — we still could lose electricity). She told me the company would be shut down, so (hooray!) no work for me tomorrow.

But my husband, who works at a radio station, may have to go into work. Even though we live in NE Queens, he apparently lives the closest to the station (in lower Manhattan) than anyone else in his department. His company will pay him if he has to park somewhere or stay overnight, but he said I might have to drive him into the city. I hope that isn’t going to be necessary, but I said I would do whatever was needed.

We went shopping last night because we had no food in the house after our trip, and this afternoon I went back to our local KeyFood to get a few extra items, some water, some snacks and peanut butter. Nothing was really essential, but what better excuse than a storm to allow yourself to buy junk food?

Apparently, people in our neighborhood think they are going to be stuck in their houses for two weeks straight because this was the condition of the KeyFood bread shelves at 2 pm this afternoon. The bottled water shelves were sparse as well–I was able to grab a few 1.5 liter bottles just in case.

We live inland and on slightly higher ground than the coast, so I’m not too concerned about safety yet, but I always get nervous when I think about what could happen. Areas are being evacuated, and as always when people are told to get to a safer location, some residents declare they will not be leaving. One lady told a reporter that she “couldn’t leave” because she has a generator and has to be there to turn it on manually. That made no sense to me. If she’s not there why would she need to turn it on? No one wants to be stuck in traffic driving out of town (that sounds like it might almost  be the worst part) or sleep on a cot in a shelter if there’s nowhere else to go, but do you want to have to be rescued when conditions worsen?

People on the NJ coastal islands and peninsulas who have been through this before have no excuse for staying in their houses, but people in the northeast just aren’t used to severe weather. They see tornadoes and hurricanes on TV; the worst of it rarely happens here and they think that it won’t be that bad. I’m just periodically checking the news for updates, hoping that we are safe and that all our friends and family are safe as well.

I’m very happy I can stay home, as I have other work to focus on, and, frankly, I’m not quite ready to start back after our blissful two weeks of vacation.


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