A typo a day, day 3

I know there are errors on this sign (it was not a flyer but a poster-sized sign on a stand outside a salon), but I almost feel wrong about posting it. Not everyone knows where a comma is supposed to go or which words should be upper or lower case, right? I edit for a living so I’m up on that sort of thing. But can I cut hair?—no!

So, it wasn’t the best typo example I could come up, I fully admit. I’ll take a longer walk at lunchtime tomorrow and scope out something better. Or maybe I’ll get lucky and find a good one right in my office.


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4 thoughts on “A typo a day, day 3

    • No way of knowing. Does it get the intended message across? I suppose so — you can figure out that they mean “natural locks of hair” in the second line. I did think it funny that they separated “Premium” hair from “Indian, European & Brazilian” hair (are those not as premium?)

  1. I am an editor and this entire sign makes me cringe.
    Maybe I’m too picky but I would never go into a place like this; the sign makes it very difficult to take them seriously.

    • Yes, I was laughing to myself because in my effort to make it “anonymous” I also blurred out the models faces, even though they were probably stock photos. I had this feeling that maybe the sign creator was not a native English speaker. I tend to give a little leeway if that’s the case.

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