Speaking of temporary…

Update. I’m now using another WordPress theme that I like called “Ideation and Intent.” It has my own artwork behind it; a picture I took at the Bruce Springsteen concert a few months ago in New Jersey. I try to use my own art as much as possible. 


I spent an hour earlier trying to find a WordPress theme I was happy with for my writing blog—finding nothing that satisfied me. When I have time to fiddle around some more with background images and fonts, I’m sure I can find one that’s both professional looking and not boring. In the meantime, I’m settling on this Halloween-themed one called “Monster,” which I thought was fun and bright with attractive fonts.

I’m no font expert by any means, and I’ll stick with my Times New Roman in most cases. But blogs are where you can be a little more expressive and I like whatever font the designers picked here. Looks like I can change “monsters” when I like, as well.

On to some “real” work. Next post, I believe, will have to be about procrastination.





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